Baten Kaitos Checksum Computation

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    I want to know how to compute the checksum for a Baten Kaitos save. The procedure seems to vary from game to game with 32 bits being at the heart of it.

    I found one person's successful effort to unravel a PS2 game. Hex Editing PlayStation 2 Save Game Although the person's cleverness might work for any game the rule he found does not work for other games.

    Baten Kaitos saves also expand the checksum as 12 digits at the end. For instance

    F4 2E 00 1F A8 15
    22 96 00 2C 90 60

    I went to the trouble of getting Dolphin up and running to try to repair my save in save manager. It says Checksum fixed but Baten Kaitos says that the save is corrupted.

    I do not expect anyone to go out and do my work for me, but surely someone on GBAtemp knows how to compute a Baten Kaitos checksum. My problem originated in going 9 hours without backing up my save. I was creating Secret Recipe 10's and resetting when I failed. This changed the save. All 3 of Wii, GameCube and Dolphin approve of the save. Only within Baten Kaitos is the save corrupted. In addition to making 3 Secret Recipe 10 I also did many other little things some of which I will forget to repeat or be unable to repeat if I lose my save.