Backup pokemon from gen 3? Legit?

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  1. Reyaz123

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    Aug 1, 2015
    Hey, I was wondering whether using a save editor like A-Save to save my pc box full of pokemon from leafgreen to a pkm file/folder to import to another pokemon cartridge's pc (pokemon emerald) is completely legal? If not, why?

    (I plan to do this for purposes of having cloned/traded pokemon over both gen 3 cartridge's)

    (trading from cartridge to cartridge would take forever which is why I would rather transfer an entire box from game to game using the .pkm file generated)

    Also, in the future I plan to pass them through poke bank. All my pokemon are legit and are NOT hacked.
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    Sep 19, 2013
    it's just data.... data that can be a perfect clone...

    so, your "legitimaty" question doesn't kinda make sence...
    the result of the process? its exactly the same.. you get the data from one place to the other...

    so whats the differnece? the way you do it... and the time the process takes...
    one way it's the way you should do it, which takes ages...
    other way is the easy way which saves you lots of time, isn't important to save hours of your precious life to use it on other more important stuff in real life? (my answer is yes)

    and there is another totally legit way you maybe didn't think about; never heard about pokemon box ruby sapphire? i think that's the fastest "legit" way but can't give you much details since i never tried it

    perfectly legal? no it isn't, don't you have a game manual\box that says to don't use the games\console etc with unnoficial nintendo products? and that warns you about using cheat methods?

    anyway, they are very old games, you are not taking advantage for cheating like give super stats to your pokemons, so who cares if its legit or not?
    the only thing you should care about is if the data is the same, and yes it is...
    so yeah, go ahead and use pkmn files to transfer 300 pokemon...
    there is no point of being legit or not...
    make a backup of everything before, so if you are not happy with the result you can "travel back in time"
  3. Reyaz123

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    Aug 1, 2015
    There's a few good reasons for me to do this. I have a legit shiny deoxys from a pokemon event and it can get through pokemon bank because it wasn't shiny locked in gen 3. Also, most of my ev trained pokemon are in my emerald/leafgreen cartridges

    I've made a backup save file for my gba games using an r4 on my ds lite

    But this is what I am doing right now:
    1.Backed up, using the save files for my cartridges on ROMs/emulators.
    2.Plan to extract the pokemon from the leafgreen boxes to a .pkm file using A-Save
    3.Drag the pokemon (.pkm files) from leafgreen over to Emerald (these pokemon will now be in emerald's pc)
    4.Pal park them from Emerald over to Diamond
    5.Send the pokemon over to BW2
    6.Pokebank it to Omega Ruby (Hope it passes the check for legitimacy which I hear stories of people's perfectly legit pokemon fail to be transferred)

    The thing is, does it have the same "legit stats" in their data from a regular trade and/or pkm file to pass the pokebank check? I do not see this as a "cheat" just a "shortcut" to transfer non-hacked pokemon.

    Thanks for the reply.