Application for managing/deleting Mii data

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  1. Neversoft

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    Aug 25, 2006
    Is anybody aware of an application that allows you to view a list of installed Mii's and will let you delete them? I've got assloads of Mii's on my console, partly due to letting every man and his dog create a Mii, letting a 5 year old loose on it and having the Mii Plaza thing enabled... The net result is that my Wii has enough Mii's to re-populate China and deleting Mii's via the Mii Channel is a slow, painful process.

    If anybody can think of a way or if any developers feel like a challenge (I hoped LibMii would make it easier but it looks like it can only read Mii data), post away... [​IMG]

    ... I can't be the only person with a seriously overcrowded Wii!
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    Nov 2, 2008
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    Anyway, Mii plaza´s Miis don´t have access to your main Mii area. Just block Mii plaza... deleting one-by-one is real pain though