Anyone have a Kirby SS Ultra .sav file for an R4? My son is mad at m

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    I was converting some of my files. I went from an R4 to an AceKard2. But my son still has an R4.
    In my haste, I think I ruined his Kirby SS Ultra .sav file!! I can't seem to get it back. I've tried the SUNY Converter and it won't convert back to anything that will work for him!
    I feel horrible! He had pretty much completed the game, but not 100%. Gotten through most levels, but not completely.
    ANY .sav file at this point would be a help!
    If anyone has a .sav file they could post somewhere, or email me, it would be greatly appreciated!!! And an 8 year old would be so thankful!!!

    PS....I looked in the SAVE FILE area, but the one I saw was an MP3 file??? I wasn't sure why. Poster said it was an .sav file for R4 but it DLs as a Video File.
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