Any tool that'll allow me to convert VBA saves...

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    Actually, I'm not sure if my M3 is M3 lite. It just says M3 Movie Player in the front. Mine uses SD cards. I don't have M3 real or any new versions. I got mine over a year ago. I want something that'll allow me to convert my M3 saves to VBA saves, and vis versa. I saw a tool online, but I think it only works for DS. Plus, my M3 save files at .dat files.
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    Obviously, if it's DSL sized, then it's lite.

    I assume you mean VBA battery saves and not savestates, there should be a way. If they are raw saves it should work just renaming them or using the convert tool to convert it from a format that uses raw saves to your format. Try just copying the file over and renaming it. I think VBA uses raw saves, M3 might not, but it's likely.
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    My M3 is a regular M3, not even M3 lite, it seem.

    As for the save file (NOT savestates) renaming, no, it doesn't work. I've tried it before.
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