Animanatee v1.4a

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    [​IMG] Animanatee v1.4a

    After a long delay Animanatee has received some updates. The app has had parts recoded to fix old crashes, as well as updates to enhance drawing features for both animated and still doodles.

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    Yeeeah! I've tried it, it's awesome. Here's a changelog taken from the first page of the gbadev thread:
    The controls are explained in the program, but here are the basic features:
    - 2 layers ("BG" and "frame"). BG gets copied over when you create a new frame, so you can have a persistent background, or modify it as you go.
    - 60 color palette, which can all be modified.
    - Brush size up to 16 pixels, with optional pressure sensitivity.
    - Up to 10000 frames, or until memory runs out.
    - Undo/redo. Up to 32 levels, or until it fills its 128KB buffer.
    - Onion skinning (sort of, only shows one previous frame).
    - Copy/paste (currently only copies full layers).
    - Zoom up to 8x.
    NEW in v1.4
    - Full undo system rewrite to fix bugs.
    - Zoom (1x, 2x, 4x, 8x).
    - Copy/paste.
    - Brush size up to 16 pixels, plus pressure sensitivity.
    - Calibration tweak, if the draw position feels a couple pixels off.
    - 1 and 2 pixel gap tolerance for fill, because tiny gaps are annoying.
    - Layer visibility controls.
    - Scroll (offsets a layer, handy for moving backgrounds over time).
    - Top screen preview for load/save menus.
    - Mask/remask (mask=don't draw on a specific color, remask=don't draw on any other).
    - Fix for Save As not setting the selected save slot unless exporting an AVI.
    - Frames before/frames after, to loop a small portion of the animation near the current frame. Much quicker to check movement when working on a long animation.
    There's also a program now available for PC which converts .anm into .gif:
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    does this work on the ez flash vi? because the older version didn't, unless i need to dldi it. If so can someone show me because i don't know how to do it on the ez flash vi.