AK2 arrived, tried AKAIO and IMO it's...

Discussion in 'Acekard' started by CoconutCake, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. CoconutCake

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    Dec 16, 2008
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    FANTASTIC!!! :-)

    Thank you so much for this great software. Before my AK2 arrived didn't know how nice it would be. I intend to donate a little something soon to show support.

    I'm using the latest 1.3 rc2 version and it's been perfect for me. No sound problems, the reset and cheats options work great. Even Castlevania DOS video and the TWEWY intro movie play smooth as butter!

    Anyone wondering, I'm using a Transcend 8GB Class 6 MSDHC from Newegg, $16. :-)

    AK2 + AKAIO = awesome! Can't believe how inexpensive Ak2 was (DX) and it works so well.
  2. KillerKlown

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    Jan 11, 2009
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    Welcome to the club.. Glad you are having fun! [​IMG]
  3. luan87us

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    Jan 10, 2009
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    TWEWY intro movie didn't freeze for you? Mine froze at the part where he was running but I used the flip trick and it works perfectly. And yeah I agree AKAIO is pretty user friendly, almost similar to using your Window based computer xD
  4. Smiths

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    Feb 24, 2003
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    it's user friendly because i'm an angry drunk who has to tech support mac and pc all day for employees and hate shit that is redundant to do when it should be done in like 3 clicks or less and explained well.

    akaio is based on me wanting to get to what i need, fast
  5. lithium210

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    Oct 16, 2003
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    I have the same setup as you (AK2.1-Blue, Trandscend 8gb-Class6, Akaio 1.3RC2+, 3in1 Expansion) and its working great!! Even tried TWEWY and no lockups/freezes on the intro. Akaio is the better than anything else ive tried!
  6. C0mput3r

    C0mput3r Member

    May 15, 2008
    Ya AKAIO makes AK2 so much better than the original site firmware. When i found it out I was like, why was I using the site firmware this is so much better.
  7. aphirst

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    Oct 22, 2007
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    And what a fantastic job you've done. [​IMG]