AGS-101: noticeable strips of white light at edge of LCD screen

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    Aug 31, 2012
    I recently purchased what I believe(d) to be a shiny new AGS-101. It's Pearl Pink but I'm man enough not to care. It's more of a lilac than a hot pink anyway.

    The screen is such an improvement over the old frontlit it is quite astounding. I'm actually -enjoying- my old games again and am currently whipping my way through Castlevania: Circle of the Moon.

    The only niggle I have with the machine is that if I tilt the screen a bit while playing, or move the screen close to my eyes in order to better see, say, the map on Castlevania, I notice white strips of light at the edges of the LCD screen. They are not noticeable normally when playing looking straight at the screen, but now that I've seen them they're bugging me and I am wondering whether or not they are normal.

    My DSi XL does not have white light at the edges whatsover. I've not got a DSi or DS Lite to test those, but it is my understanding that the latter is pretty much the same screen (different size) as the SP+ (AGS-101).

    I've linked to a couple of pictures on my SkyDrive (they are far too large to embed) to demonstrate my petty grievance! The main reason I wanna know if this is normal or not is because I wasn't sure whether the GBA I picked up was a modded console (new shell) or an actual new stock Nintendo console (which the seller claimed it was). Either way, I would be loathe to part with this beauty, despite this niggle.


    So, is this normal?
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    Late response but it appears to be a factory screen but the borders seem smaller. All my AGS-101s have the white lines but are much harder to see than yours. It is possible that the front screen protector was replaced with an aftermarket one.
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    Oct 26, 2010

    i think it's normal since i've two like you have on yours and at the same place. I've never noticed that before but if you stand in front of the GBA, you conln'd see it.