Advance wars: DoR mic?

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Jan 31, 2008

Advance wars: DoR mic? by dooey100 at 6:16 AM (1,040 Views / 0 Likes) 1 replies

  1. dooey100

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    Jan 31, 2008
    So I am using the M3 player for DS and I patched the AW:DoR rom before I saw that there was a way to not break the mic test. I want to be able to use the mic in wi-fi, but also keep my save, where I have beaten the game.

    So, I was wondering, when the M3 wiki page says mic test doesn't work, does that mean that the mic won't work in online wifi battles, or that the mic test in options that doesn't work?

    If it means I can't use the mic in wifi is there a way to change my save over to the kind of patch that will work with the mic?

    PS search seems to be disabled, sorry if this is a duplicate topic

    PPS also sorry if this is in the wrong forum, I thought mabey I should put it in the M3 section, but I wasn't sure.

    Thanks in advance!
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    I'm not too sure, but It sounds like you just need to get a clean ROM. Just name it the same as your old one.

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