Accidentally Deleted Game, What to Do about the Save?

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    I messed up a setting while installing a .cia of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, which I already had installed, and it ended up stopping midway through, deleting my title. That save has a lot of important Pokemon on it; is my save already deleted, or will it still be there if I install it again through the eShop or another .cia?

    EDIT: I do have an SD backup from a good while ago, so I could restore the save from back then using svdt. Does anyone know what file I should load in PKHeX to test?

    EDIT2: I just found the old save, but it's encrypted, so I can't check it with PKHeX. I did find a tool for decrypting Gen VI saves, but it needs something called save1keystream, but I have no idea how to get that. I just use CFW, not Powersaves or Gateway.

    EDIT3: Sorted it all out using svdt and my backups. Sorry for the now-useless thread.
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