A guy is bringing his 3.3E Wii to me for updating...

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Shinigami Kiba, Mar 27, 2010.

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    Sorry guys, I know I ask this every once in a while, until now I'd usually ask about how to do it offline, but now that I have a wireless router I can update and everything online.

    A friend wants to bring his softmodded 3.3E Wii over so I can update it to 4.2 and install I guess pre-loader or whatever is used now instead of preloader for all region wiiware and such.

    This guide
    as guides are often to me seems a tad confusing, sorry, it seems to cover the offline aspect of updating which I'd do until now, but now that I have wireless and the Wii works with it fine, at least mine does, is there a simple, more straightforward method to safely update to 4.2E or should I just follow that guide word to word?

    Another question, I use whatever pre-loader was the latest and safest when the first bootmii came out, hell I even still use the very first bootmii beta since it does what I need it to do and I haven't had any problems with it.

    Should I just install that pre-loader version on my friends wii as well after the update or is there something new now? btw he can't have bootmii on boot2 or was it 1 like I can his system is newer.

    thanks in advance, and again sorry for asking stuff like this, I know you're all tired of it.
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    I just use Pimp My Wii and it updates to 4.1 safely. Not sure what benefit 4.2 has over 4.1 if any at all.
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    Well, it doesn't make much difference
    If you'd use an online guide, it would simply download the same files, just through your WiFi [​IMG]

    You can also do an official update and rehack it (first install the newest HBC so it won't be removed by the update)
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    I agree with ephumuris. Just use Pimp my Wii. It's the easiest way to go to 4.1. Then install BootMii as a IOS and either Preloader or Priiloader if you want extra protection.
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    Do an official nintendo update and re-softmod
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    again... another post that has a solution in the VERY FIRST POST IN THIS FORUM

    Look at the sticky.. read it... love it

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    Even that is not a problem, you can re-install hbc afterwards. You have to reinstall bootmii anyway.
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    are you getting paid?