7th Dragon III Code: VFD game discussion

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    Hope everyone else is enjoying the game so far. This sounds like a very silly question and it's embarrassing to ask but how do you save in this game? When I press X to bring up the menu none of the options are related to saving (I do see save loading)

    Also are there names for these playable characters? I like to keep it in line to what their respective canon names.

    P.S. DLC for this game is free for everyone that gets it now. That's pretty cool of Sega (:
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    Nov 14, 2008
    I haven't played this game but going off JRPG traditions, there are probably save points around the world and/or you save at inns. (You've probably figured that out by now but I thought I may as well respond just in case).
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    There are some spots where you can save your game. If you play the game for some minutes, the game will show you how to save. - Right after you enter the first dungeon.
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    There's already a discussion thread from back when it was leaked here

    I really enjoyed this game, i haven't completed the play-through yet due to being stuck at a boss for an unnatural period of time and it made me loose interest. I intend to pick it up again once i figure out the class combination.

    It's quite unfortunate the game doesn't have 3D in the overworld and in battles, it would make for some nice eye candy in some of those dungeons....