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    Feb 26, 2017
    Well my WiiU decided to upgrade to 5.5.4 for no known reason I thought it was blocking all updates ...

    anyhow, I installed haxchi and coldboot again which worked fine but my firmware is showing 99.999E now and I can no longer access the eshop.

    typically I would run NNU-patcher to do so but this doesnt seem to do the tricks either ..

    I use the DNS blocking method at the moment to prevent updates using: and

    anyone can shed some light on what I am doing wrong here - its been a while ...

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    Are you sure it updated to 5.5.4 if you had DNS filters? maybe the DNS server was offline (and set to "allow ALL" by default....)
    never trust remote DNS IPs, they are often set to allow all when offline instead of block all, to prevent losing internet completely.

    NNU is no longer needed if you are on 5.5.4, it was used to tell the console "No New Update" available, and run eshop now without checking if there's update.
    now it's true, there's officially no new update, so you don't need to run that app first.

    disable the DNS, and you'll probably get access to eshop.
    there's no real need to block updates anymore, I don't see nintendo releasing anti hacking patches now. all 5.5.x update stopped focusing on preventing hacking and just updated certificates and legal mentions.
    if you really want to add DNS back, you can, but try eshop without DNS first to see if it's the problem or not.
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    Feb 26, 2017
    thanks for the clarification and yes I had the DNS servers in the configuration as I explicitly only allow DNS from my Wii/WiiU to those DNS servers and block all others .. but I didnt know they may fall back to allow ... I'll remove the config for now and will see how it goes - auto-update was also set to "Don't Receive" hence I wondered that it did upgrade anyway ... removed the DNS servers and can connect to the eshop now might leave it as such as it doesnt seem to be an issue now - thanks again.
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