[3DSXL] WiFi Connection Problem

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    Hello everyone, it appears my 3DS-XL has been having wifi connection problems for the past week.

    Error Code: 003-3101

    Usually I can connect to my wireless router by using the built in "Internet Browser" at the top of the touch screen.

    Now it just hangs for about 2~3 minutes and says it is not working at this time or just freezes up at the home screen.

    Anyone else having wifi connection problems.

    * I get the error code when I test the connection in my System Settings *

    The Internet browser cannot be used at this time.

    Please check your network environment or try again later.

    ** EDIT **

    I was able to fix this problem...apparently I can not use guest wifi access on my 3DS-XL anymore.

    * maybe because of the update ? *

    Got my WEP key and secure/locked wifi connection working now.
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