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    I've been playing Super Mario 3D Land for the whole day, and I stopped once my L button didn't function properly (if you don't know, the L button in Super Mario 3D Land is used to roll and spin-jump, which is mandatory for speed-running levels). So now I'm planning to send in my system for repairs, but there are multiple concerns I have about this...

    - Will my eShop purchases be transferred over? If so, what about my save data/progresses?

    - I heard from various forums about yellow tint on 3DS's screens after the price drop happened. I don't notice any yellow tint on my 3DS (unless it is in power-save mode), so I'm concerned about whether they would replace my system with a crappy quality screened one.

    - I've used the flashcart acekard 2i, which is/was camouflaged as The Chronicles of Narnia, some japanese ds game, and the latest Deep Labyrinth. The thing is, in my activity log, those three games are ranked as the highest number of play time (363 hours, 220 hours, and 31 hours), so do you think Nintendo would get suspicious in me and decide to send back the system without repair?

    Also, do I need to take out screen protectors and the SD card when shipping it for warranty? Thanks for your time!
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    Ya know you could just remove them from the activity log.
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    1. Yes and yes. While they did say Mii/StreetPass data might be erased, it didn't happen to me.
    2. First of all there isn't much of a difference. Second of all, they won't replace something that isn't broken, so don't worry if you're a nitpicker.
    3. If it's camouflaged, I seriously doubt they'll get suspicious. Only DSi/3DS games are region-locked. Even if it shows up as a flash card, I don't know why they would need to go into the Activity Log. For me, I had StreetPass issues and they had to go to Settings and an app called ???. You probably won't have that problem. Besides, they'll only focus on the L button.
    4. Yes, take every accessory out, including SD card, screen protectors, and stylus.

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    Not at all, they probably figure that people have spent almost 400 hours on Prince Caspian
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    Let's get through it:
    • eShop, as well as the entire System, everything can be transferred. (Source: I did that twice.)
    • I didn't see any 3DS with a yellow tint yet, unless the owner is an extreme smoker.
    • About the Flash Card, Nintendo won't care about that.
      I've talked to the people at Nintendo multiple times, they didn't seem to care about me using it (probably because I'm not using it for piracy?).
      But no matter what, the Activity Log doesn't display what games you've exactly ran from your Flash Card.
    • Keeping your SD Card is recommended, in case they'll replace your 3DS, and you won't see any of your Data (Letters, Downloaded Games/Apps, etc.) back again.
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    there's a link explaining everything about the yellow tinted 3DS's i will search it for you

    @Edit : here it's http://gbatemp.net/topic/328887-nintendo-responds-to-the-3ds-yellow-top-screen-issue/