Hacking 3.3E + Wiikey + HBC - Is it safe to update to 4.0 or higher?


Nov 16, 2009
Hello, first of all I'd like to apologize for asking this question here... I've noticed there is quite the abundant library of info and guides available but none of them quite tailor to my case i assume
and since I'm knowledgeable when it comes to PCs, but basically know jack about my Wii I'd figure I'd best play it safe and perhaps ask some help from someone much more experienced in this matter ^^

so the thing is, im on 3.3E (or 3.4, don't remember for sure), I have one of the original wiikeys on 1.9s and HBC installed (which I installed through the Twilight Hack method).. Now I was looking to upgrade the Wii up to spec with the latest possible and safe firmware so I can enjoy some of the newer games out but I'm afraid doing so, in my dreadfull ignorance, will result in a shiny new brick..

Can anyone please let me know which steps would i have to take to achieve this safely? I don't need backup loaders or anything of the sort cause I have the modchip but I'd still like to keep HBC as I find it very usefull for GeeXbox and emulators

Thank you for your time, and once again i apologize for not taking advantage of your extensive resources and guides, normally I would, but im pulling the wii out the closet to shape it up and give it to my GF in time for her birthday and despite that I have a med school exam comming up which is eating me up whole so I can't afford to dig in like usual
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