1000 Posts!


H4X H4X H4X!
Apr 4, 2007
GBATemp factory.
Since 4-April 07 ive been on GBATemp now today i finaly posted my post number 1000.
Ive really had a lot of fun posting all my posts and writing whit all out there

Thanks for the great time!
And i will surely stay here for a loooooong time

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  • Xdqwerty @ Xdqwerty:
    My classroom is kinda a toxic environment
  • Maximumbeans @ Maximumbeans:
    True, which would be a good choice if it releases you from that suffering.
  • LeoTCK @ LeoTCK:
    yea exactly
  • LeoTCK @ LeoTCK:
    I got into a toxic environment when I switched schools, something I was pressured to do long ago by my mom mostly
  • LeoTCK @ LeoTCK:
    because there were a couple of teachers who were objectively bad and who kept giving me bad grades, even thogh if I had stayed they would leave in the following year anyways
  • Xdqwerty @ Xdqwerty:
    I'm a verbal abuse víctim i think
  • LeoTCK @ LeoTCK:
    but I had noit known that and I let myself be manipulated into quitting...I'd rather have let myself be have fights with my mom than to let myself be blackmailed into effectively destroying my life or leading to it
  • Xdqwerty @ Xdqwerty:
    my mother was the one who verbally abused me
  • LeoTCK @ LeoTCK:
    with me it started with verbal abuse...I tried to ignore it...until it got worse and after summer break it went from verbal into sneaky physical, not just theft but once they saw me as real problem they tried to poison me outright
  • LeoTCK @ LeoTCK:
    because they couldn't apply their usual tactics anymore it all went worse from there
  • LeoTCK @ LeoTCK:
    and I was a threat to their hierarchy and the way the gang worked
  • LeoTCK @ LeoTCK:
    I did in the end cause the gang leader who was installed there by the larger gang, to loose his influence over the classmates but it had a terrible cost
  • LeoTCK @ LeoTCK:
    in that it caused my other best friend, who joined that school, to betray me
  • LeoTCK @ LeoTCK:
    to both the powers that be and the larger gang at play
  • LeoTCK @ LeoTCK:
    by recording conversations of me...they also convinced him over time that I never cared about him and he started to beat over my head things from the past, courtesy of psycholigsts work
  • LeoTCK @ LeoTCK:
    I was stupid to trust them and think they wouldn't start a coverup in agreement of the school who didn't want further scandals on their name
  • LeoTCK @ LeoTCK:
    when I told the psychologist the name of my best friend in the group I didn't realize that would seal my fate
  • LeoTCK @ LeoTCK:
    this and more is why I don't trust authorities either and why I became more of a "lone wolf" for a very long time
  • Xdqwerty @ Xdqwerty:
    Lone wolf until when?
  • LeoTCK @ LeoTCK:
    maybe I'll become one again completely if this crap goes on that I'm getting flooded with lately
  • LeoTCK @ LeoTCK:
    so maybe forever from then on
  • Xdqwerty @ Xdqwerty:
    Hope you find your missing friend
  • LeoTCK @ LeoTCK:
    but I didn't have any friends for years, barely talked to anyone irl at that time, only had friends online basically
  • LeoTCK @ LeoTCK:
  • Xdqwerty @ Xdqwerty:
    I bet you will be happier with him
    Xdqwerty @ Xdqwerty: I bet you will be happier with him