Ultimate wii u hacking questions?

Asked by Kngihtstorm15, Jul 2, 2020 239 1

I believe this would be the last question I would ask about wii u hacking .
I heard that the nintendo eshop wii u / 3ds will close, so no more update, dlc or downloadable games.
I decided to follow this tutorial and applied it. Before installing haxchi and coldboot haxchi in my wii u, I dumped the title.tik of my legitimate age game (brain age), installed the non legit game on my pc, replaced my title.tik to make it legitimate, and install it via wup installer gx2 on my wii u and it works perfectly without cfw, like a ds game bought legitimately from the eshop.

First question: Can I reinstall the legitimate game after closing the wii u /3ds Nintendo Eshop?
Second question : Why does coldboot haxchi need my nintendo network id it to work?

I always thought that the title.tik of wii u eshop games it's unique for each wii u consoles.
Third question : After resetting completely my console, can i reinstall the game or my wii u will require a new title.tik?
Jul 2, 2020

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