ZXDS 0.7.0 beta 1


Jul 18, 2007
United States
ZXDS 0.7.0 beta 1
Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator

Patrik Rak has released a new version of his Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator for the DS, which adds quite a few new features. Download and changelog below.

[title:Changelog]+ Finally added keyboard graphics, for both 48k and 128k keyboard.
+ Replaced the ad-hoc file requester with proper touch screen version.
+ Configurable button to key/action binding, with 9 predefined customizable settings.
+ Tape browser and manual tape control.
+ Autoload feature, with both tape-loader and USR0 mode support.
+ Skinning support for changing graphics and color of each UI element.
+ Builtin online help.
+ Pentagon emulation (no TR-DOS yet, though).
+ Z80 snapshots are now compressed.
* Added 1 forgotten T state to EX (SP),* instructions.
* Fixed #7FFD paging decoding (A15+A1 instead of A14-15+A1), more demos now work.
* Changed #1F kempston joystick decoding (loose A5 instead of strict A5-A7), more games should work.
* Disable autoplay when tape end is reached, more flawed tape files should now load.
* Few other subtle fixes (triple buffering race, halt timing upon requester).


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    especially after the latest news!
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    hubby and I can finally leave all of this financial hell behind us
  • DinohScene @ DinohScene:
    July 1st
  • Sicklyboy @ Sicklyboy:
    wonderful to hear!! :D
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    still feels a little unreal to me, after so many delays and other things that gotten in the way
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    already gotten the cats a new scratching paradise as a little celebration haha
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    @DinohScene, promotion?
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    nope, court ruling
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    long story short; hubby is debt free and financially independent from July 1st onwards
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    UK courts actually doing justice :0
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    Congrats either way
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  • DinohScene @ DinohScene:
    it's been a long journey
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    nice to hear that buddy!
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    now you can take on new debt :D (joking but that's actually

    life for most people)
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    Nah, we won't take on debts lol
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    Also congrats. Pleased that you're doing alright.
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    I don't like beets sorry
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    DinohScene @ DinohScene: twenty-three