1. FreePlayFlorida

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    Aug 27, 2017
    United Kingdom
    I have a Vega +, the ill fated spectrum handheld, anyway the selection of games it came with is kinda meh, you should have been able to just load roms onto sd card and away you go, but sadly isnt that easy, I got a file sent to me called the ultimate collection, which is a handful of top titles ready to go, I have dumped my roms to sd, but whats missing and what it seems to need is a file to tell the handheld which games are on there, and what settings needed, could create a file, but typing 1000s of lines of code and not knowing the exact key configs, just wanted to see if anyone has a games_data file predone they would share to help me out, Im sure there is one out there somewhere but navigating the 100's of pages regarding the back story Im coming up empty, thanks
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