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Discussion in 'Nintendo GameCube' started by Myski, Aug 23, 2014.

  1. Myski

    Myski Member

    Apr 14, 2014
    Thought it would be better start a new thread when I couldn't find any recent ones under this topic.

    After the successful 3ds hw hack I decided to finally do something to my one unmodded Gamecube console and bought the XenoGC modchip. This is a PAL region console if it does matter and I'm trying to install the modchip so I could play NTSC import games.

    Went the lazy route and decided to use the quicksolder pads the chip offers (ie solder the chip directly to dvd drive circuit board without wires) and now I'm starting to think, it was quite a silly decision, cpt hindsight.

    http://i689.photobucket.com/albums/vv258/Viceith/Game Cube/GameCubeXenoGC.jpg

    This is the way I tried to install it (not my chip in pic, don't have camera atm but similar)

    But there seems to be something wrong now that I try to boot the console, the led indicator on the chip first flashes red and stays solid red (no green or amber light) and what I've read that is an indicator of failed install.

    I'm not quite sure what is causing the problem. There is one point (of 6 total) I suspect being a cold joint as I have serious trouble getting my soldering iron tip down the hole and make a solid joint to the motherboard (the G/groud point being this suspicious one in the following diagram).


    - Can a cold ground joint in that grounding point cause this solid red error light, and if so, are there any alternative grounding points I could use (with ground wire) to try first before doing anything else? I'm quite a newcomer to common electronics and this may be a stupid question.

    - The picture below shows the modchip without solder in place, and you can (barely) see there are two different sorts of copper traces shown in the middle hole of upmost row (hole C in the above pic, the other is barely visible in the left side of the hole). I am afraid there might be a short circuit between those two traces causing the problem, although I didn't use nearly as much solder as the guy who did the first pic solderwork (you can see the whole hole filled with solder in the pic above :huh: ^)


    If I can't get it to work with fixing these two solder points and I might have to remove the whole chip and do a wired install

    - What would be a best way to remove the chip and start over? I thought about using desoldering braid but it's slow and requires many recurring uses per point (=lots of thermal stress). Are there any better ways with less thermal stress to the mobo, so I wouldn't have to worry about lifted traces and pads, too.

    Solder sucker won't work as it can't get close enough to those tiny holes. Hot air gun? Would it melt everything else before the solder points connecting the chip to mobo? I used leaded solder, but I think the GC predates lead-free factory solder, too and there would be no difference in flowing temps between the two.
  2. Myski

    Myski Member

    Apr 14, 2014
    I'll just answer to myself. There was a solder bridge or two under the chip, and so the damn chip didn't even come off with all visible solder removed from the holes. Had no option but to pry it up with some traces following.

    Wired install to alternate points it is then. Note to self, no more quicksolder boards in future.

  3. vickdu31

    vickdu31 GBAtemp Regular

    Nov 14, 2016
    Sorry for bringing up a very old post but I try to figure out a way to safely remove the chip but I cannot manage to remove the soldering. I see there exist some kind of tape that suck all the metal when you warm it but it can easily burn the chips.
    Its my second failed attempt
    Edit : I managed to remove it, the XenoGC looks good but the pins doesnt look good. Can I go ahead and try alternative points or should I try to repair these first ?
    Here is my board : http://imgur.com/a/Hq1DU
    Last edited by vickdu31, Jul 6, 2017
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