Xbox One S Upscaling Question.

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    May 30, 2009
    I know the Xbox One S has an Advanced Video Settings for 4K:

    When the Video Output is set to 1080P or 720P games will run is their native resolution be it 720P for Xbox 360 games or 1080P Xbox One games and still be able to run in 4K if the game calls for it, this allows upscaling from 720P or 1080P native games via the TV's built in upscaler in which some TV's today does a better job the Xbox One itself.

    My question to those who own the Xbox One S, does this also apply for 720P with Advanced Video Settings for 1080P?

    Basically if I get an Xbox One S, I want Xbox 360 games to be run a 720P with upscaling done via my 1080P TV and 1080P Xbox One games to be run in this even possible?

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    Youre games are just gonna run at the resolution that you set your xbox on
    to run at, no matter what it is. 360 or 0ne its just gonna run at whatever the resolution is unless if you have 4k and you dont got games like gow4 or forza horizon 3, the games are just gonna downscale so they can still run but a lower resolution at the highest it can go