WTF I Hate the WALL Jump!!! Is there an easier way

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    I hated it in Strider on the NES and I hated it even more on Super Metroid on the there an easier way? What I do is a spiral jump at the wall, then press the opposite direction and the jump button....My fingers are killing that the best way to do the wall jump? If I loose the spiral I fall, and 80% of the time when I do a wall jump it fails
  2. Bloodgod

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    No real trick to it. you have what your suppose to do down. But I'm guessing somewhere in the process you mess it up. Just look for the wall animation Samus does before she leaps off the wall. Time that right and you're on your way up.
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    Crap, realized you were talking super metriod in virtual console.... sorry. I never had much of an issue with it back in the day.
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    The trick is to first push the directional button and then the jump button.