Wiimote sync issue. Preloader + homebrew channel

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    Nov 22, 2006
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    Solved. Turned out to be a software problem.

    All wiimotes were synced to another Wii.
    Preloader is configured to auto boot Homebrew channel
    Wiimotes would not sync in Homebrew channel or Preloader
    Did not have GC controller to make Preloader boot to system menu

    New goal:
    instead of buying a GC controller, try to uninstall preloader (reinstall system menu) via cBoot2

    used cBoot2 to load up cIOSCorp 3.3 installer and used it as a batch wad installer as this did not ask for confirmation to continue. I used the boot.dol from cIOSCORP_v3.3_Main_Installer folder and put my system menu wad in the CORPv3.3 folder without the corp wads.

    there may be a easier way and safer way, but since I had bootmii installed as boot2 and a nand backup and can restore my nand with exterior programmer if I needed to I didn't care too much. If you have the same problem and no not know what you are doing then ask as you may brick your wii if this is done incorectly. The best way would of to obtained a GC controller as it will most likely be necessary in the long run.

    This post is written for search references.