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    Nov 11, 2008
    so, heres the deal.

    im trying to improve my wireless network in my house to increase my dump speed. the first game i dumped went at about 450 kb/s... everything since has been around 150-250 kb/s

    heres what hardware i have:

    linksys wrt54gc compact 54mbps wireless g router
    d-link usb desktop wireless adapter 108mbps w/range booster
    d-link usb desktop wireless adapter 54mbps

    the compact router only has an internal antenna, im looking at getting an external higher gain antenna for it as it has a connector for it (RMSA i think?).

    so heres my dilemma.

    house is 3 stories (2nd floor, 1st floor, basement). one computer is on the second floor, one in the basement, and then my wii in the basement as well.


    the signal from the router has to travel through alot of obstructions in the basement to get to the wii and computer down there (walls, furnace duct, etc). the computer on the 2nd floor is directly above the router, but there is the gap of the 1st floor of the house between them... that computer isnt used much anyways so it doesnt need an amazing signal.

    keep in mind, my router positioning is limited as im trying to keep it and the modem in spot where it will receive the best signal from outside. if i cant improve signal as it is, i will try and move the router and modem closer to the computer and wii downstairs as they are the important ones.

    last night i updated the firmware of the router and the driver of the 108mbps dlink USB and the connectivity did seem to improve a bit. im just trying to get the signal as best as possible because i would like a faster data transfer rate from my wii to my PC in the basement. i was able to maintain a pretty consitant 250-325-ish kb/s.

    just wondering if there are any other tips you guys might suggest to improve my network.

    keep in mind, i will probably be picking up a di-pole 9 dbi antenna tonight. a directional antenna is not really an option as i still need to maintain connectivity to all the other computers.

    thanks in advance [​IMG]
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    Jan 19, 2009
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    I'm using a soft-ap (Software Access Point), because I've had simular problems.
    You will need a WLan-Stick with RT2870-chip in it. For example the D-LINK DW-140 has one.
    It could be that there is more hardware, which is allowing soft-ap-mode. But with this one I've mostly 490-500 kb/s as a constant rate.

    Here is a Tutorial to make it work with soft-ap. I'm a german student so don't worry about my english. Also the names can be different because I have to translate them.

    After that you download the driver from Ralinktech. Don't use the driver coming with the original hardware!!!
    Ralink - Driver Support

    The Wii will only accept an accesspoint which is able to connect to the internet. There are different ways to make that possible. The easist way is ICS (Internet Connection Sharing). But for me ICS don't run. So I describe an other possible way to make it run. If you make ICS running follow Step 6

    If you have wired connection from the pc to your router its the easiest way and if it is possible, then make a wired connection.
    If you have a second wlan-stick/card, then you will need the third party coniguration software for this wlan-device, because the wndows zero-configuration is not active during using soft-ap mode.

    DHCP or not
    Control if a DHCP-Server is activated in your network. The most routers have on. To check if you allready activate it look on: Network --> Network-Connections --> Wireles Connection --> Status --> Networksupport
    If you can read there something like "got from DHCP" then it is activated.

    Step 1
    Move to Network --> Network-Connections and select the two Network adapters using CTRL and click. The first with the Internet-Connection and the second that should be the soft-ap. Right-Click on it. In the Popupmenu you have to click on "Network Bridge".
    Now there should be a new "Device" in your list called "Network Bridge".

    Step 2
    If you have DHCP activated you can follow Step xxx.
    Configure your network IP, subnet-mask, Gateway and DNS-Server.

    Step 3
    The Ralink Dirver in Station mode gives you all the Wlan-networks with Channels. Remember the used channels and use for the Soft-AP a free Channel! I've it is posible use a channel that has no neighbors. For Example if Channel 3, 6, 10 is used the best choice is 8 or 1. Some People write that they have problems with channels which are not 1, or 11. For me 8 works fine!
    Right-Click on the Symbol of the Ralink Driver. Now click on "Switch to AP-Mode". In the following Dialog ("ICS Select WAN Adapter") press on ok.
    Dialogbox will tell you that the "ICS" is not ready. Press ok.

    Step 4
    In the next Dialog you can Setup your Soft-AP. Feel free to set an SSID and a Network-Key. After that press "Apply". The channel should be 11. I've heard that the Wii don't accept an other but feel free to try something else. Be sure that it is an other Channel than the one from your normal WLan-router or an other network around you.

    Step 5
    If you make all right you are still able to access the internet and now it is the best time to try it. So open your browser and vist a website.
    If you can not access it. "Switch to Station Mode" and delete the network bridge. If you have not a DHCP-Server you may have to that the right IP's to yor network adapter.

    Step 6
    Start the Wii, press on the "Wii"-Button on the mainscreen, press on "Systemproperties", search in the for "Internet" and click on it.
    Here you access the "Connection-Settings", select a free connection or overwrite an existing.

    Step 7
    If DHCP is active, you can select your new "AP" and the connection-test should success. Else the connection-test can fail an you have to enter the right IP's for your network and try again. The Update should be canceled [​IMG]

    Step 8
    Feel free to delete the Network Bridge. You will need to access the internet from the Wii when you the soft-ap. When you switch back to your normal Wlan-Router you can access the Internet without the bridge. And the Wii try only on settig up the connection to access the internet.

    Now you should have an Soft-AP with a normal rate 490-500 kb/s
    I hope that helps you.


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