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    Dec 1, 2012
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    What are the best things for wii so for.When I mean things I mean emulation Homebrew or apps that are good.
    My apps
    Usbloader GX
    Gecko o.S
    Homebrew Browser

    Just post what you use to have fun on your wii.
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    Test all games available in homebrew browser, you'll find great things.
  3. JordenNixNix

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    Feb 11, 2012
    There aren't a lot of things that I use a lot but SaveGameManeger GX and the USB LOADER GX are really unmissable.
    You save a lot of memory with USB loader GX because it is a USB loader, a cheat device (ocarina or Gecko o.S ) and cheat downloader in one. So you doesn't need a cheat program any more or a code downloader. So you can actually delete Gecko OS to save memory. And it's my number one used app.
    The SaveGameManager GX let you copy save files that you normaly can't copy with the standard Wii options. It can copy Smash bros brawl, Animal crossing and Mario Kart Wii, amazing^_^!

    I have also the sysCheck tool. It's handy when you got a problem with homebrew stuff. You can made a list of all you're IOS'es and there version. And you can post it for example on this forum.

    Visual Boy Advance GX (VGA GX) is a good GBA emulator without speed issues and you can use every controller (incl. Wii remote) to play the GBA games. ROMS aren't inclusive.

    Wii.Linux is a handy tool if you can work with the Linux, it's a killer.

    WiiSX, WiiSX is a PSX (Playstation 1) emulator.

    So I hope this advice will make you homebrew experience more funnier!