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Apr 12, 2009
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Hello GBAtemper's. There is only one day left to donate and earn etickets for the Wii Raffle. Enter while you can. This off won't last forever.

Wii Raffle to Benefit the Wii Community!

Team Your Mom, with the help of a few others, are holding a Wii raffle! If it's successful we will likely hold more raffles in the future.

Our original purpose before this came to the idea of holding a raffle was just to see if it would work and prove that the new horizontal Wii's can in fact have the GameCube ports added and that it will be fully functional. After some thought and discussions with other community members it was acknowledged that taking a raw NAND dump of a wii that has never been turned on and is in a completely virgin state maybe benefit some developers with their research as they dig deeper into their understanding of the Wii console.

DeadlyFoez plans to document the whole process and his experience with adding the GameCube ports back onto the Wii console.

So here's the deal:
  • $1 USD will earn you 1 eticket in the raffle
  • 1 eticket per prize will be randomly drawn
  • Donations will only be used to cover the cost of prizes and estimated Shipping and Handling costs
  • If demand for etickets is greater than anticipated then more prizes will be purchased and raffled off
The Prizes
  1. A new model Wii that does not come built with GameCube ports, but DeadlyFoez will add the GC ports before shipping the prize to the winner.
  2. Third Party GameCube Controller (Donated by Shortz1994)
  3. 16MB Third Party GameCube Memory Card (Donated by Shortz1994)
  4. Protective case for the Nintendo 3DS
  5. Screen Protector with Cleaning Cloth Set for Nintendo 3DS (2-Piece Set)

  • You must be 18 years of age to enter.
  • Only one prize per person can be won.
  • If not enough donations are raised to ship any of the smaller prizes then the winner must pay for the shipping or the prize will go to the next in line.
  • If not enough donations are made to purchase and ship the Wii console then all donations will be returned less the PayPal fees.
  • Anyone caught trying to cheat by using multiple paypal accounts, email addresses, etc.. will be disqualified from the raffle and their donations returned less the PayPal fees.
  • You may opt out of receiving any particular prize if it is of no use to you.
  • No one needs to be part of any particular group or forum to earn etickets.
  • The only time donations will be returned is if a person was disqualified from the raffle or if not enough donations were received to purchase and ship the Wii.
How to Enter
  • The donation link will become available April 20th, 2012, 10PM EST.
  • Send cash via the yellow DONATE button on Official Wii Raffle Page
  • For each $1 USD you donate you will earn 1 eticket in the raffle.
  • Your eticket purchases will be determined by your NET paypal purchase amount. For example, if you send $5.00 USD but after paypal transaction fees the amount received is less than $5 (e.g. $4.75 USD), you will only earn 4 etickets. Paypal allows you to select how transaction fees are payed and by whom, so you can ensure the net amount received is $5.00 USD exactly by opting to pay the fees yourself, so that you will pay $5.25 USD (or whatever it works out to be).
  • You will receive and email within 24 hours to confirm your donation amount and the corresponding number of etickets you earned.
The deadline for donations that will earn you etickets is May 4th, 2012, 10PM EST.

The Drawing

Within 48 hours after the donation deadline, each name will be drawn at random until all names have been drawn. At that time the top winners will receive an email acknowledging the prize that he or she won. If any winner decides that he or she does not want to receive the prize that he or she won then the next person on the drawing queue that has not won a prize will be notified, so on and so forth.

If we do end up raising enough funds to award more prizes then starting with the most expensive prize purchased, they will go to the next person in the queue who has not yet received a prize. We will determine if there will be more prizes once we have concluded the drawing and confirmed the locations of the initial winners.

The Fine Print

DeadlyFoez will attempt to add the GameCube ports to a new Wii. This project is strictly about that only and the disc drive will not be replaced, so although you may not be able to play official GameCube retail discs, the Gamecube games can still be loaded using DML, a WODE, or by some other means. If we are unable to purchase a new white Wii, some of the plastic pieces to the case may be missing from the Wii like the doors that cover the gamecube ports and the black plastic face that sits flush with the gamecube ports. In the very unlikely event that this experiment is a total failure then the 1st place winner will have the choice to receive a wii without the gamecube ports or a Korean Wii.
If the winner of the Wii lives in another country then DeadlyFoez will region change the wii at the winner's request. In addition to that, DeadlyFoez will order a power brick with the correct plug type and have that shipped to the winners location upon request. If another power brick is ordered then the one that originally came purchased with the Wii will not be shipped to the winner.
The GameCube controller, the GameCube Memory card, and the 3DS Protective case will all be shipped without the original packaging, but the items all have less than 1 hour of use, so pretty much still like brand new and undamaged at the time of shipping.
No one may dispute the donations that he or she has given.

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