Wii purchased Dec 2012, how to run game from USB

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    I am retired and have just purchased my very first Wii. In fact, I have never played a Wii game before. I noticed in the documentation that a 32 GB SD card or USB port could be used to save data. I ASSUMED that I would be able to save my game to a USB stick drive or a 32 GB SD card and keep the original CD tucked away to prevent damages. I must say, I was shocked to find out you have to use the CD every time you want to use Fit Plus. There appears to be loaders out there that can be use to put the games on a USB drive but I have also read that attempting to mess with the WII box software can turn your Wii game into a door stop.
    1. How do I know which software version my Wii is running at? (When I got the Will box, I followed the instructions and connected to the internet and updated my system)
    2. What loader will work with my system
    3) How can I prevent or recover if the loader does not work
    4) The only games I am interested in running are" Wii Fit, Wii Resort & Will Sports. And only on my machine
    5) What is the life expectancy of a CD if you insert/eject the CD twice a day
    6) Can you purchase a replacement CD for Wii Fit, Wii Resource, Wii Fit for a reasonable price? Say under $20?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    To run games from a USB drive you'll have to mod your Wii, the easiest method being the softmod. This guide will walk you through the whole process:

    ModMii is another helpful tool, it can also generate a step-by-step guide for you to follow, as well as provide you with all the files necessary for modding the Wii.

    1) If you updated your system, it'll be 4.3U.
    2) If you've softmodded, there are several USB loaders that will work (USB Loader GX, Neogamma, WiiFlow just to name a few).
    3) Install Priiloader for brick protection. http://filetrip.net/wii-downloads/homebrew/download-priiloader-07-f24717.html
    5) As long as you're careful with it and don't scratch it, it'll last until you get tired of it.
    6) Used games are always cheaper.
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    Hi there! Welcome!
    I have some links to some things that should be helpful to you.



    1. Go to the system menu. You'll see something in the top corner, like 4.3U (Or whatever your firmware is)
    2. USB loader GX, WiiFlow, Configurable USB Loader. You'll need to follow the first link, and do a softmod to the Wii before you can use a USB Loader.
    3. IIRC, you can use something called Priiloader to backup your NAND, and that can recover your Wii if anything goes wrong.
    4. That's perfect.
    5. From my experience, I've only ever gotten a Wii game disc scratched beyond repair once
    6. Yes. It won't be a replacement, but new copies of the game can be purchased. (Usually costing ~20$