Wii iso58 problem.. I think..

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    Mar 31, 2018
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    I am trying to get my Wii to just play gamecube games.. my plan is to turn a Wii in to a "wiicube" just for the external hdd and wii2hdmi..
    but I have got a strange problem.
    When I select nintendont my Wii tries to load it and enters a boot loop with a green flash on nintendont launch screen.
    I got annoyed and deleted and reinstalled ios58. Tried updating ios58 through multi mod manager.
    I Even downgrading ios58.
    But every time it tries to start it just starts to load the boot screen/green flash/ boot screen/green flash .. boot loop till i hard reset the console.

    I will admit I am crap at this.

    But all I want to do is:
    1 get priiloader to launch usb loader gx
    (No need for a sensor bar)
    2 get nintendont to launch all gamecube files.
    I have 3 Wii's and hey all have the homebrew channel installed. This was installed via modmii.
    I have tried so many different versions of nintendont and usb loader.. but sadly now I am nearly about to give up..

    Can I ask for help?

    Someone in here must be able to make a install pack for me?
    With the correct versions of the software I need?
    Maybe even a walkthrough?

    I bet there's a bright spark who knows what I need to Do?
    Please can someone help a guy out.. lol
  2. Ryccardo

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    Feb 13, 2015
    Try uninstalling your 58 and just updating the official way, to get a known working version
    If you can run other software on 58 (you might try with MMM's ios changer), it's probably good anyway

    So with that out of the way, let's check out Nintendont:
    - Maybe you have a bad configuration (autoboot enabled, etc)? Try removing it (it's nincfg.bin on the root of the SD)
    - Is AHBPROT enabled? Remember, changing IOS resets it, so if you were running it manually from Wii Menu, the HBC would need to run on 58, and Nintendont's meta.xml would need to have the "no ios reload" option;
    since Priiloader is, for all the console knows, the Wii Menu, if you were to run Nintendont directly through it, it would detect that option in the meta.xml and launch it with AHBPROT enabled - but I remember complaints of issues with such a setup, at least on older versions of Priiloader; I'm not sure of what happens when an usb loader is involved, but Wiiflow Lite and GX should both support no-ios-reload mode (possibly only if a similiar option is also enabled in the loader's configuration)

    (And obviously, if you only want Gamecube, you don't need an usb loader as a frontend unless you prefer the user interface or per-game settings)