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Discussion in 'Wii - Backup Loaders' started by Yu-Gi-Oh 100, May 1, 2011.

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    Feb 18, 2011
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    For some reason loading games thur usb just never seemed to work right, and when i checked to see exactly what is on the system is says it's iso58. If 249 was installed along with the newest cios shouldn't that be shown instead?

    hmm for some reason this thing made 2 topics oh well.
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    do you really need to make a new topic for the same problem every day?

    In your previous topic you said
    so did it work right before or didn't it? make up your mind and give us a damn syscheck log that i asked you for before.
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    Nov 10, 2010
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    if your having to use the port furthest from the edge of the wii black ops will not run becase it has to run from base 57 if other games dont load make sure you are using rev 21 as for im in the same boat of having to use port 1
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    Jun 6, 2009
    Smashdude? Is this you?

    Anyways ... Whoever you may be, you need to give more info on your problem. Afterall, "never seemed to work right" doesn't exactly help to narrow things down. What USB Loader are you using? Which cIOS do you have installed? What drive? How have you formatted your partition(s)? More info dude!

    As for what's "on the system says it's ISO58", other than the typo, this means nothing without context. What utility did you run that says IOS58 was loaded? You need to understand that IOS are loaded by request, or forced to load in the case of loaders depending on the software run and it's settings. I'm assuming that maybe you are looking at the HBC info screen or a SysCheck report which does not translate to what IOS your USB Loader is configured to use.


    EDIT: With a sense of DEJA-VU, I did some back-searching through some threads, and I have come to understand the nature of your dilemma. Now, do not take this as a swipe at you Yu-Gi-Oh 100, but as an earnest attempt at helping you out and those in similar rutts. You need to stop, and slow down. Reading your past posts three things become clear:

    1) You assume that your issues are easy to solve without any detailed information.
    2) You don't seem to want to listen to those who try to help you unless they are spoon-feeding you.
    3) You seem to lack a general understanding of the hobby, and need to take some time to read up on the basics.

    Understand that, as with any hobby, you need to do your homework. It's all nice and dandy if you can get things to work by jumping right in. But when you hit a snag, general knowledge is a necessity. You need to help yourself a little before you can be helped by others. Otherwise, if the answer to your problem was as simply to tell you to put tab A in slot B, it does no one any good if you haven't read what tabs or slots are, right?

    Some areas you need to read up on pertaining to the Wii:
    -What are IOS and what are cIOS.
    -What options are available for loading backups, and how do they differ.
    -How to generate and read a SysCheck report.
    -Softmodding basics (aka read some guides).
    -How to use ModMii
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