Hardware Wii gun attachments with buttons you can reach?


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Dec 4, 2016
United Kingdom
Has anyone seen any of the fancy gun shells / controllers described here for sale (probably in Europe, as postage from America or Asia is expensive) recently?: http://boojakascha.ch/index.php?page=Best2Wii /

I think they might be more comfortable than pointing with a Wiimote held parallel to my arm, in the same way that dropped handlebars on bikes and ergonomic/vertical mice give you a healthier wrist position.

I know many shells exist that hold the Wiimote and have a trigger for the B button, but these wouldn't be good for games that often use more buttons e.g. A and d-pad down (Metroid Prime, Pikmin, Conduit).

Some versions have the d-pad on the back of the gun (Scorpion Vii, BigBen Walther P99, Penguin United Crossfire),

some have the nunchuk integrated so the other hand can work the hard-to-reach buttons (MadCatz Z-Chuk Blaster, Competition Pro Shooter).

Possibly the Cobalt Flux Lock n Load Rapid Shot, which has the Wiimote mounted at an angle and has a lens to redirect the IR camera's view to point forward again.

Edit: I have found some Lock n Loads on eBay from the US, but postage and import duties mean they will cost a lot for what you get. A thrift shop in Canada https://portagemcc.com/products/cobalt-flux-dark-ops-lock-n-load-wii-remote-gun-by-dark-ops won't even post to the UK, but might be of interest to people in North America. If you get one, I would be interested to know if it's any good.

Edit: My curiosity got the better of me and I ordered a Cobalt Flux shell from the US. It is a slight improvement - the more comfortable wrist angle is somewhat counteracted by the increased weight of the barrel sticking out in front of the wiimote. The grip is quite bulky, but perfectly usable even in my small hand. The aiming accuracy is pretty comparable to a bare wiimote (Nyko's Wand+ in my case, used with their wired Kama nunchuk, which rumbles when the wiimote does).

Edit 2: I disassembled the grip and cut off the barrel. This improves the weight and balance issues. This is probably as far as I'll go with modding the grip, but the only essential component is the lens, so you could do a minimal version that keeps only the housing the clips the lens to the top of the wiimote, and maybe the grip at the bottom to further tilt the wrist angle.
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