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    I made some changes to the Wii.cs Tools, not much though [​IMG]
    Again .NET Framewrok 2.0 required and licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL v2.

    Please Note: I have tested resultant files of these Tools on my Wii, however, this doesn't guarantee anything, so only use this if you have a bricksafe Wii! I take no responsibility for any damages, see the Readme.txt for further information.

    Download: http://code.google.com/p/showmiiwads/downloads/list

    Included Tools:
    • WadMii - Packs and Unpacks Wad files
    • U8Mii - Packs and Unpacks U8 archives (including headers and Lz77 (De)compression)
    • UltimateU8 - Advanced U8 Editor
    • TplMii - Converts images to Tpl and vice versa (including Tpl preview)
    • Lz77Mii - Compresses and Decompresses files using the Lz77 algorithm
    • DolMii - Inserts a new Dol file into a wad (Uses Waninkokos Nandloader)

    Version 0.2
    • Aded CLI (Command Line) Usage for all except UltimateU8 (see CLI.txt for usage)
    • Added Tpl previewing to UltimateU8
    • Added Auto-Header-Detection to UltimateU8. It will automatically select the Header of the file you opened, however, you can still change it if you want
    • UltimateU8 will now temporarily save the Channel Titles, if you open 00.app's, so you don't need to type them again
    Version 0.1
    • Initial Release
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    This sounds pretty useful.