1. BlazeHeatnix

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    Jul 4, 2015
    United States
    After modding someone's Wii a while back I brought it back to my house to remod it. I did a connection test before putting the SD and HDD into it, and the whole system froze with a loud buzzing sound. I did a hard reset and proceeded to mod the Wii, then after a while I went and did a connection test again. Instead of crashing, I just get an error that the Wii can't connect.

    I reset my settings, searched for an access point, entered my Wifi password, and it still can't read it even though it's read it for years. I tried and retried, triple checked my security settings and password...nothing. It simply won't connect. I have no clue what could've happened, and it's not just that Wii. I plugged in another Wii and it connected fine. Someone please help.
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