Wii Browser likely to crash after update.

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  1. Takeshi

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    I just read on a german news site (see source link below) that it's possible that the Wii Browser crashes after updating to FW v3.0 if you're pressing the home button or do a reset. It doesn't state if 'reset' means the reset button or reset to factory defaults in settings, though. I just thought I'll let you all know.

    Sorry if this was already mentioned but I couldn't find anything related; neither in the update thread nor anywhere else in Wii Discussions.

    Original text:
    Firmware-Update Version 3 lässt Browser abstürzen

    10.08.07 - Nintendo gibt bekannt, dass sich im kürzlich veröffentlichen Firmware Update 3 ein Fehler befindet. Dadurch kann der Internet Browser in manchen Fällen abstürzen, wenn man einen Reset durchführt oder die 'Home'-Taste drückt.

    Nintendo untersucht den Vorgang und will sich in Kürze an die Kunden wenden.
    source: gamefront.de
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    Yeah, not likely. It's inevitable. It happens to EVERYONE I know including me! Hopefully they'll make a patch soon, and include keyboard support along with the fix.
  3. The Teej

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    Doesn't happen if you press Home, but will crash if you do a soft reset. Goes to black screen.

    The best thing? The Wii doesn't shut off! While this will not lead to an exploit, it is good to know that crashing the machine doesn't turn it off (a la PSP)

    EDIT: If anyone cares (or is interested) you cannot use your Wiimote after the browser crash, even though the Wii is on. Looks like it's permanently stuck in that small amount of time where your wiimote is disconnected when switching from the firmware to the browser. Also, you cannot hard reset after the crash

    EDIT: Hard Reset also crashes the machine. I've noticed, though, that you can eject the disc inside the machine even after a crash. It is also possible to insert one after the crash (meaning the disc drive doesnt seal itself shut)
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    Nov 15, 2006
    Dunno if this has nothing to do with it, but i did go to nintendo's site with internet channel and it just crashed.
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    its patched now..