Wii and Preloader acting strange after 4.2 update

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by clownz, Jan 2, 2010.

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    I used the following guide http://gbatemp.net/index.php?showtopic=171901

    Instead of using the DOP I used the TBR 1.1

    Ok, so I got my Wii finally updated from fw 4.0 to 4.2 thanks to that guide and all the help of you guys in the forums who have answered so many questions in the past. I noticed some strange things after upgrading to 4.2.

    1) Using the system menu -> data management to access the SD card channels my Wii freezes if I have the BannerBomb on there, so I had to click on the SD card directly from the actual system menu to get back into the homebrew channel the 1st time after the 4.2 update which is no biggy, just wondering if this is normal?

    2) I have updated Preloader v30 to use the hacks I want, the strange thing is that when I boot into Preloader and I try to go to the system menu it sometimes gives me errors, and some times it doesnt. If I try going to the HBC channel directly it sometimes gives me errors and sometimes not and BootMii doesnt work at all. I did the install as an IOS because I cant install it into Boot.

    Any ideas why my Wii and Preloader are acting a little strange? I have it set to use the same IOS as the system menu.

    I have all of these installed dont know if it makes a difference or not, I am assuming it doesnt:
    First I did

    & System Menu-NUS-v481.wad [NTSC-J = v480; PAL = v482]
    Then proceed to install the remaining 22 different IOS files & Shopping Channel-NUS-v18.wad

    Then I got the wonderful System Menu 4.2 US NTSC


    cIOS249-v15.wad or cIOS249-v16.wad
    cIOS250-v15.wad or cIOS250-v16.wad
    Install IOS70-64-v6687[TB+ES_diV+NAND].wad

    Thanks to all of you who have spent time answering questions like mine, creating guides, and to all the people that make homebrew possible and make the Wii the best it can be. It is truly appreciated.
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