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    A couple of days ago, I posted a question about wiiflow. "What happens if I click 'install game' icon on Wiiflow?"
    First, the manual has no instruction about that function-which you can see below and I googled it but I couldn't find the information. So, I posted the question and later had several replies but there was only a few good useful comments, rest of them were just pure insulting. Some good guy sent me email and said "Some people can be annoying" Yeah it's quiet true but I think, here in this website, it's too much, way too much more than other websites. Not just in my topic, you could see those nasty comments more than good comments almost everytopic in this website. I know there are tones of jerks who can't accept the difference between them and normal people. This is a great website. As you can see, this is a largest community with many people. I think you guys should do something to get rid of those, other than that they will never stop it. Seriously, you don't see much of those nasty comments at any other websites than here.

    *I'm sure some other jerks will write a bad commets in this topic. Be my guest, Show us how the things going

    2.1) Handling the Main-Screen "Coverflow"
    2.2) Handling the Game-Select-Screen
    2.3) WiiFlow Settings
    2.4) Installing Games
    2.5) Download Covers
    2.6) Password-Administration
    2.7) Game-Settings

    2.1 - 2.7 Not translated (sorry)
    !!! I've skipped the translation of these points because WiiFlow should be !!!
    !!! self-explaining. I will hand this in later to avoid a delayed release. !!!
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    It is rather obvious what "Install Game" does, it's completely self-explanatory... It's not going to make your Wii self-destruct or anything [​IMG]

    (This comment is not meant as negative, just stating the obvious)
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    There are jerks everywhere, even in real life. Anyway, conveying thoughts solely by text can be hard to pick up on. The person writing it could mean one thing, but another person could pick it up another way.
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    This place is infested with Doki loving perverts, now not all perverts here are bad, but the majority fit this category. Now most of us aren't pricks and imbeciles and have good common sense however there are a few that are but not enough to ruin your whole day.
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    I moderated that thread. I ended up deleting everything but the original post and a post that actually answered the question.
    I actually did a front page post a while back addressing the flaming that was pretty rampant at the time, we may revisit that topic in the near future.

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