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    Nov 27, 2006
    United States
    My slim PS2 is a 90000, so FreeMCboot is out, but I've found that if I have the card with FreeMCBoot on it in the slim, then SwapMagic 3.6 will boot in to UlaunchElf.

    In UlaunchElf, I put in a PSX original, then trip the sensor so it recognizes the new disc. When it stops spinning, I swap in a PSX backup without tripping the sensor, then go into UlaunchElf and I can either boot the disc directly or go out to the PS2 browser and launch the game from there, not problem, backup works fine.

    But, on my big PS2 (v4 30000) this method doesn't work. Same exact discs, just instead of using SwapMagic to get into UlaunchElf I can get into it directly from FreeMCBoot. I have a solderless mod so I can open the drive tray without tripping the sensor, but when I was trying this I had my system opened up and didn't even have to do that, I could reach into the drive and swap without opening the tray. But the backup just hangs at the big PlayStation logo.

    It's not that my big PS2 can't run the backups. If I use the PSX disc that came with GameShark2, the exact same backup runs no problem. It's just, wow, that GameShark is a pain in the ass because it has these stupid unskippable FMV's that take forever before you can launch the game. Oddly, on my PSone, you can skip the FMV, just not on my big PS2 (and my slim PS2 of course won't run the GS at all).

    It's not the hugest of deals, I still have plenty of ways to play my PSX backups, but I'd really like to know what's going on that this works on one system but not the other.
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