Why do people envy the wii so much?

Discussion in 'Wii - Console and Game Discussions' started by Scorpin200, Mar 19, 2007.

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    Jan 14, 2006
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    Just about everywhere i look on the net it's always something about gamecube 1.5 this or not good enough graphics that, and that sony was supposed to own everything again as usual. I think they underestimated the competition this time around, and now they are too embarrassed that one of the underpowered systems is beating them silly, and i know alot of people in here are tired of playing gta every year, or something similar that they have played 1000 times before. I thought thwe wii was supposed to change that with new types of games, and now that they have done that it's a bad thing now? I suppose everyone would be happy if games went the way of pacman not so long ago, because they way things were going last year it would have sooner or later. I think that everyone who plays anything should be thanking nintendo for bringing back the industry from death again instead of complaining, and whenever they get online that's when things will change for the better for them.
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    what exactly are you trying to say?
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    I only see Sony fans bashing the shit out of Wii and their argument is always the bad graphics. they can't handle that the tables have turned so they all jump off a cliff and spout such bullshit. 360 fans are alright since they are real gamers and respect Nintendo and most of them have a Wii too. I know I do.
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    I second this motion as Scorpin200's topic title and the post itself are contradictory.

    To your topic, other companies envy the Wii right now because it has taken the market by storm all with little marketing. It has created an interest in games of young and old of those that typically were not interested in video games in the firt place, or had given up playing them. This is expanding the video game market beyond its typical demographic of 18-35 year old males, and that equals huge revenues when tapped properly by the game developers let alone the console maker. The intuitive nature of the Wii's controls matched with its price point make it very attractive to even those that may only play it once a month, such as my parents who haven't played much since the NES and GB Tetris.

    As for the detractors, there is another post on the forum to that very tune here:
    Is Nintendo focusing too much on casual gamers..., or is there better things to come...?
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    I think the envy is just that the so-called decade long cool to make fun of so you look like a real gamer company Nintendo is making fools out of their lame bias. The expected winner is muddling slowly along in third, MS is holding their own which a fair few felt by now it wouldn't be, and Nintendo isn't a smolding pile of ash due to it's 'crappy graphics' which alone somehow were going to topple the device.

    I think you're seeing the same level of bitter bs, just at a larger scale over 10 years ago because the net wasn't so huge, neither was the overall player base. This is the same thing as angry Nintendo fans pulled when they got burned by Sony's media outlet spinning stories combined with the cheapo dev costs and license fees turned the tables then.

    There's two ways to deal with it though. You can act like the sony fanboy loser of 10 years ago and be a complete ass and rip on them laughing all the way, or you can console them some and give some hope it could turn around (even tossing in why it failed if you can do it in a mature fashion to spur honest discussion.)
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    QFT. I enjoy both systems.