Which is the best bundle to buy?

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    Noob here. I've done the research through the forums and am a little overwhelmed with all of the reviews. I have yet to even buy a DS lite but when I do, I want to get a device that will let me play roms, both GBA and DS. As I see it, that leaves me with several options. The brands in these scenarios were chosen based on price and game compatibility. Please let me know if I'm overlooking anything and which route you would take if you were starting from scratch. Again, my priority is both GBA and DS rom compatibility, I'm not so concerned with homebrew stuff. I got the prices off of gameyeeeah.

    1. M3 Perfect Lite ($69.00) + PassMe3 card ($20) + SD card ($20) - 100% gba and nds rom compatible.

    2. M3 Perfect Lite + R4 (bundled together - $108) + SD card ($20) - 100% gba and nds rom compatible. But isn't this a bit of an overkill considering that the M3 Perfect by itself will play both types of roms?

    3. R4 ($40) + SD card ($20) - no gba support but 100% nds roms compatiblity.

    I'm leaning towards scenario 1 because it's the cheapest and does everything I want it to. Are there any better suggestions?
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    I'd go with 1, it seems good.

    - Sam
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    2 really isn't all that overkill. Pretty much the same as 1 since you'd need a passcard anyway to run M3PL and R4 acts as a passcard. Although, if none of R4's features (that M3PL doesn't have) interest you, you'd be better off going with 1 and saving ~$20.
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    I realized that I'd actually need a micro-SD instead of a normal SD since the R4 uses the micro (right?). That would mean changing the SD card price from $20 to $29. Also, I forgot to add the SD card reader when I want to transfer stuff from my PC. The R4 comes with one so if I went with scenario 1, I'd have to add $8 - $10 for that.

    Or I could just go with the normal M3 lite SD version (not the micro version) and save $10 on the memory card. Either way, scenario 1 still saves about $20.

    I'm not sure what additional features the R4 has that the M3P doesn't other than a slightly simpler drag and drop interface.
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    Wait a sec. Can the DS Lite support the M3P mini or would you have to get the M3PL?
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    DS Lite supports everything. The Lite moniker on the cards is just for those sized down to fit the DS lite only. Also for option 2, you need 2 micro SD cards. The R4 won't boot without a microSD card and I don't think it's wise to hotswap while the system is on.
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    Scenerio 2 would allow the DS Browser to work.
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    I'd go with 2. Btw, I think the its better safe than sorry.