Where to buy flashcarts?

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    I want to buy a flash cart for my DSi and I was thinking about using R4i Gold. Since my DSi is on firmware 1.4U. And I would like to know what are some trusted sites where I could buy this. Sorry if there's a thread with trusted sites already. I tried looking. >.<

    EDIT: Never mind, I found it lol
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    Standard comparison of flash carts here.

    Note that the prices given are from chinese shops.
    If you order from a shop in another country it's more expensive.
    [*]The original R4.
    NOT "R4-III Upgrade", NOT "R4-SDHC", NOT "R4i NDSLL", NOT "R4 Red", NOT "R4 King"...

    The cheap card for somebody that just wants to play games on a DS/Lite.

    [*]R4i Gold
    The cheap card for somebody that wants to play games on a DSi with more storage.

    [*]Acekard 2i
    Mid-range card for people that want to play games on a DSi/XL with some extra features.

    [*]EZ-Flash Vi
    Higher-end card with even more features.

    [*]Supercard DSTwo
    Pretty much the ultimate card right now.
    • DS / DS Lite
      The card will work on an original (fat) DS or a DS Lite.
    • DSi / DSi XL
      The card will work on a DSi or DSi XL as well.
    • Game Updates
      Firmware updates are what let cards play newer games, these are the life-blood of the card.
    • SDHC
      SDHC refers to SD cards larger than 2GB (gigabytes). If there's no SDHC support, you can only use SD cards up to 2GB.
    • WiFi Update
      The Acekard 2i can update it's cheats (and get minor bug fixes) over WiFi without having to connect to a computer.
    • Auto Ap Bypass
      Some carts have special features to ignore AP in most games, letting you play them without having to wait for a firmware update first. The Acekard only has partial support for this right now.
    • RTS
      The Real-Time Save (Save State) function lets you save and reload your game progress at any moment you wish.
    • In-Game Guide
      You can pull up text files and images in-game, in order to check a walkthrough or map you downloaded at any time during a game.
    • Slow Motion
      The card lets you slow down the game speed as you wish.
    • In-Game Cheats
      The card lets you create and modify cheats while the game is running.
    • Special Homebrew
      The card has multiple pieces of special homebrew, such as it's own GBA and SNES emulators, as well as text/PDF reader and video player.
    • Battery Life
      Unfortunately the DSTwo's extra CPU and RAM (which give it the special features) eat into the battery life a bit.
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    It's indeed a smart move to copy and paste the well formatted info instead of typing it again and again as Rydian does since there are so many similar thread every day .. [​IMG]
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    He's got the price of the Orig. R4 wrong though, it's about $3 at Lightake.

    Edit: And the Lightake guy in prev. post didn't notice! Tsk. Tsk.
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    Prices very, lightake has some of the lowest, but it's not safe to base on just those (or somebody who can't order from them could be angered or disappointed). If somebody was to order from a shop based in Canada they're more likely to find it a few bucks higher than the price I posted.
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    annaly you need to edit that site

    as it contains things that are not allowed here

    USB External Hard Drive/Disk Storage Device Filled with PS3 Games- Black (1TB)
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    Battery Life? I'm new here could someone explain this about the DStwo?
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    The DSTwo sucks away a little of the DS's power in order to power it's own CPU/RAM, this means that the battery won't last as long, but it's usually something minor, I think tests showed 15 minutes less.