What's the challenge with the XCI loader?

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    It can install XCI.. So it allow me to install xci since I am on the latest version of atmosphere ?
  2. wurstpistole

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    Completely different question. This thread is about mounting and playing xci, not installing it.
  3. Absintu

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    Feb 2, 2018
    There has been a xci loader since the beginning of this scene
  4. wurstpistole

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    Nov 19, 2015
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    God why does gbatemp attract so many dense people
    Of course there has been, but not for other cfw than SX. Which this thread is about. Which probably everyone but you understood
    Please stop raping this dead horse
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    It’s like asking the same question? why did the 3DS scene never get rom loading other than Gateway? Because it takes mega money to invest into it to get those results which the average dev cannot afford the collateral towards it for the development and also lots and lots of hard time & effort as well so no atmosphere will be exactly the same it will never happen!
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  6. Sora Takihawa

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    and the xecuter xci loader uses Nintendos code its illegal thats why devs dont do that.

    xci and nsp are both illegal but unlike xecuters xci loader the other nsp installers like tinfoil...lithium and so on dont use nintendo code
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  7. KhenemetHeru

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    So then the better question is can the xci loader kip from SX OS be extracted, such that it can be run by Atmosphere?

    Hell, create yet another fake online identity to release it under if you feel you must, but the high horse argument is rather stale.