What to do with a new 3DS I can't link due to selling old handheld?

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    Hey, everyone! This goes toward anything NNID related but the problem started with my new 3DS so I'll post here, I ranted a little below too...

    Sometime ago, I sold my 3DS because I just didn't use it anymore. I wanted it back so I had to buy a new one. I linked my Club Nintendo to it, but I couldn't see any of my games to redownload. I found out that you had to do a system transfer. Obviously, I don't have my old 3DS, the box, or the serial number anymore. I don't want to completely delete my NNID to unlink the WiiU to have the two consoles in harmony because I would have to buy Super Smash Bros 4 for WiiU again since I got it digitally. My other U games are on a disc, thank goodness. I had quite a few digital games for 3DS as well, though the main ones I want were physical which I have to be forced to rebuy in the first place. I want both consoles to be in sync again with the same ID. So what should I do? Could I delete my entire NNID and start both consoles all over again? I would prefer to backup my WiiU saves on an SD card if possible since I have REALLY good progress in MK8 and MH3U, can I unlink my old 3DS through the internet or something? I did a factory reset before getting rid of it, and I thought that would have unlinked it, but apparently it didn't... Maybe I could just make a new account, transfer the Mii, and rebuy at least one or two of my games and give away my friend code again? I was under the assumption that Nintendo's eShop was account based and not hardlinked to the console... First, Nintendo proved that region locking is still a thing apparently, now this... :glare:

    EDIT: I just decided to make a whole new account and decided to just rebuy my games over time. I only wanted to play 3 out of the 10 games I had, the other 7 were just boredom purchases from being bored and out of state that nearly screwed me over on bill time. lol I really wish Nintendo linked purchases to accounts rather than locking them to the actual consoles itself.
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    Call Nintendo?
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    I had made the same mistake as you. Thinking I could just redownload my purchases to my new device much like you could on an Android or Apple device. I had saved my old SD card and even called Nintendo about getting my purchases back but they wouldn't do anything for me. Nintendo would rather screw their consumers over. I've learned that the eShop is a very bad investment. Much better off buying physical game carts than the digital ones.
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    I had same problem, called nintendo a couple times and they said they couldn't do anything, that i had to make a new nnid.

    So I kept complaining by email saying that i had lost the 3ds (not sold) and that the nnid is linked to my wiiu so i din want somebody to use my funds and games i had bought on the 3ds. After a couple weeks i got a call back from nintendo to confirm my story and a few days later they called again saying they deleted my nnid on the old 3ds and i was then able to use it on my new 3ds.

    It wasn't easy but it worked out in the end.
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