What should I have/install to keep 3.2 up-to-date/prevent FW upgrades?

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by nintendough, Jun 8, 2009.

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    I have 3.2U and have updated shop channel, ripped some IOSs from discs (so I can play Pikmin, AC, etc), and have the latest HBC as well as some injected VC WADs from back in the day. From what I understand the Wii menu is updated in IOSs as opposed to the whole thing so it's possible to get new functionality without upgrading everything. I don't use homebrew too much and while I haven't installed a WAD in a long time, the ability to add/remove them is nice. I've been tempted to go to 4.0 because of SDHC but I figured I should come here first and find out what I should do to keep my 3.2 system as new and fresh as possible so I can hold off.

    One of the main annoyances I have is that I have to load Animal Crossing from a program in the HBC since the disc channel keeps prompting me for an update (which Pikmin, oddly enough, does not do). Is there a way to get around this or to prevent a disc from upgrading my FW if someone (I'm thinking mainly if a friend turns it on and wants to play) clicks the option?

    Or should I follow one of the guides and upgrade to 4.0? I don't really have problems with that route, it's just that I like the options I have now. Although, I heard you can use external HDDs to rip/store games and play from there. Which would be convenient since I like to play Animal Crossing a few times a week but only for short spurts...
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    you can use preloader to block disc updates
    and the new geckoOs will install the IOS a game needs if you run it (if you disable the previous hack again)
    but I think its better to go to 4.0, you'll have everything you need (you can install preloader on 4.0 too) and the SD thingies [​IMG]