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Discussion in 'Wii - Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection' started by khan, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. khan

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    Mar 17, 2003
    Hi all,

    We have Netgear router at home connected to another computer using WPA security settings (actually, my bro forgot to set them as WEP initially) and that really is holding me back from playing my DS games online or other homebrew wi-fi enabled stuff as DS is not WPA compatible.

    Now, If I go into router settings and change security settings to WEP as I want to but then second computer would not connect to WEP settings? Strage [​IMG]

    The thing is that we need two computers working all the time therefore would like to know a possible solution by which I can get second computer to connect with WEP and also I process letting me connect my DS.

    I am also looking to buy a Nintendo Wii and would like to know if wii supports WPA or not because I am sure it would certainly support WEP.

    Any help will greatly be apprecitated.
  2. bobrules

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    Apr 20, 2006
    wii supports wpa that's for sure, I'm pretty sure there's a wpa project for the ds.
  3. avant1277

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    Sep 13, 2006
    I couldn't tell from your post - did you put into your second computer the WEP key? try setting the router to WEP, delete your WPA connection settings on the second computer and try and set up wireless from the beginning on your second computer. prob you've already done this, but just in case [​IMG]
  4. Sick Wario

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    Jul 24, 2006
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    if you can get WEP working remember this: you HAVE to use key index 1
    only 1
    2,3 or 4 wont work