What is casual gaming?

Discussion in 'General Gaming Discussion' started by WatchGintama, Sep 19, 2013.

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    Smartphone games have evolved from Brick break mania 3 to full games like Puzzle & Dragons. There are ports of older good games like FF Tactics and Chrono Trigger. You can even download an emulator from NES to PSP/DS. Yet, people still insist on playing the angry bird card each time I mention smartphone gaming. Nintendo used to (or still is?) be for the casual gamer with their Wii. I don't understand how when the games on their system can be very competitive too (Pokemon, Mario Kart.)

    So, what is casual gaming? Why must people label a whole platform as casual/hardcore? Why isn't Xbox labeled casual with its Kinectanimal games?
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    I love platform games , my kids love anything from blops2 to spot the difference on the wiiu , some people love angry birds some dont . I dont understand the need to categorise gamers , we just like games right , it almost suggests an angry birds player isnt really a person that plays games because the people that play cod are better in some way , id probably argue the complete opposite.

    internet snippet :

    Obviousy, all gamers are bound by the desire to win at any given game, there would be no point to any game if that were not true, but the over-riding desire to connect with other individuals, be it close friends or distant aquaintances define the casual gamer.

    Hardcore gamers have a generally negative, and often derogatory view of casual gamers, looked upon as the plauge of the video game industry. While hardcore gamers are in the minority of gamers they provide an invaluable resource to developers on both the hardware and software end. Without the hardcore gamers passion and dedication to the art, we would not have the quality games that are available today.

    Since the purchase power of the casual gamer determines what becomes a best seller, it is understandable why the hardcore gamer has such contempt for the group.
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    A person who plays facebook games.
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    idk lol labels are silly
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    I had considered the same thing (the result of that being in my signature at this point in time) but yeah it seemed like a complete non term to be used by the fearful in attempt to put down something they did not understand.

    Feel free to join the softcore gamers.
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    People who play Angry Birds and "the Super Marios" and say "LOL I'm such a nerd guise ;)" then tells you to "Get a life" because you beat their asses in a multiplayer game.

    No, but really. Casual gaming is when you don't take the games TOO seriously, as in just sit down and play a few songs in Guitar Hero while singing terribly.

    Or when gaming isn't your number 1 or even number 2 hobby. You just get whatever is popular at the time. Also, you don't really bother with gitn' gud at the game. You just want to pick it up and play a bit on a boring Sunday afternoon without so much dedication on your part.

    That's what I think.
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  7. FireGrey

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    Apr 13, 2010
    You can't define a game as casual, you can only define how casual it is.
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    Call of Duty and Battlefield are casual games to me. I guess I don't find much strategy in them compared to games like Mario where you have to jump over turtles. That gets intense fast.
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    Dec 4, 2009
    When i read "casual gaming" it makes me think of someone who has some time on their hands, whether 10 mins or an hour, & whether on a lunch break or at home & uses this time to game, as a means to pass some time.
  10. FAST6191

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    If we can have casual games be a term can we also have habitual games be a term?
  11. Black-Ice

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    Oct 31, 2011
    Hardcore gamers are professional gamers,
    And average people who believe they are amazing coz they sink ridiculous amounts of time into a game they'll forever be average at, yet still find it within themselves to bully everyone else who doesnt suit the two conditions above, making them: fucking noob casuals
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    Haven't we had this thread, like, 5 times already?
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    To label it.
    People who play angry birds/phone games/facebook games/family "party" oriented games.
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  14. FAST6191

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    Angry birds takes mad physics skills, phone games... are exactly the same as every other type of game, facebook (which I will extend to javascript, HTML5, webgl and such like) games are equally able to go complex (we have emulators for everything up to the GBA now and that is not to mention all the other stuff that happens) and in several ways I am struggling to see the difference between party games and the mechanics of several games with all the multiplayer options people enjoy.

    Read in light of your professions towards DOTA clones that potentially changes a lot.
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    It's a weird day when I agree with one of his posts.
    But I had to say what casual gaming is just say it's gaming in one's own free time just for the sake of killing time without any real strong feelings towards gaming.
  16. Narayan

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    Sep 29, 2010
    imo it's amount of dedication to the games you are playing.
    For example in dota 2, even someone like me who knows a lot of stuff in dota 2, still consider myself a casual because i don't look for a team to play it competitively or purely to win. I just queue up for a match with random people and that's about it. I don't really care about competitive or having dedicated teams.
  17. calmwaters

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    It's just something you like to do. It's like texting: you don't do it all the time, otherwise you'd be a hardcore texter... um, it's just something you do in addition to your daily lives. Now I do believe that people who've devoted hundreds of hours into a game are hardcore. They are part of a elite group; everyone else is just average. It's like school: there are the people who get straight A's and others get B's/C's. The casual ones are the people who don't take this seriously and subsequently get D/F's.
    Professional? So, a registered nurse is a hardcore nurse because that's her/his profession? Dafuq?

    Edit: this is the anniversary of my 500th comment :)
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    well its just gaming to kill off boredom..i think..
  19. Bobbyloujo

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    Hardcore: Someone who makes a hobby out of gaming; plays many diverse games, all different game play and story genres; really considers the elements of a game and how they come together (game play, graphics, music, story, so on); would classify video games as an art form.

    Casual: plays games on a regular basis but just to kill boredom like jhazicalization said. May only play one type of game or just one game (the exception being pro gamers, I'd say their pretty hardcore). People who only play COD, no matter how much they play it, fall into the "casual gamer" category.

    I guess to put it more simply, a casual game just plays games. A hardcore gamer is a bit more analytical about it. It can be difficult to really distinguish between the two.

    The main point that I really want to make is that picking up Angry Birds every now and again does not make you a gamer at all, neither casual nor hardcore. It's just like reading a single book doesn't make you a bookworm and watching the newest blockbuster movie doesn't make a film fanatic.
  20. NEO117

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    Mar 5, 2008
    The term you're looking for is Movie buff. Film fanatic could be equivalent to casual movie goer.

    i.e I tend to watch movies and analyze them sometimes, but I don't really know a lot of the details and nor is it my main hobby.