What if this is a possibility?

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    Sep 17, 2009
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    When we die, we instantly enter another universe in which everything is the same except we're alive.
    Even to the extent that a line of possible events is avoided to allow a person to live.
    E.g. A to a person's conscious lying on their death bed, something happens that allows them to get spontaneously better, hence while they die in their current universe, they feel they've never passed and merely got better.
    Could be the same with old age, maybe eventually the consciousness ends up in a universe where a 'cure' is found for old age etc.
    I've been almost killed dozens of times and thought about this very question.
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    So you're suggesting some sort of cosmic 1UP? But where would it end? Although I suppose as long as one had no memory of this, it wouldn't matter if the "restarts" never really ended, as we'd have no concept that it was happening.
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    you've basically just outlined a tenant of the Many Worlds Interpretation of existance, which you could "test" with no observable outcomes, through "Quantum Suicide", but the lack of possible data would suggest you should just accept or deny it without experimentation. check out : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Many_worlds_theory

    the concept itself is quantum immortality, and in theory if you could kill all alternate universe variations of yourself, you would guarantee your place as the immortal version of you, however it would be a constant task, as every instant involves the possibility of another branching universe where you live or die....actually it branches at every "Event", and not necessarily life/death results will incur, although I believe the idea is that every possibility is exhausted in its own universe...so in at least one universe, you probably drown in poo.
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    You mean the afterlife is some sort of seamless continuation of your former life? That sounds dull. And where would the other people come from? Who'd be "playing" their role?
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    Feb 15, 2009
    Are you control by someone???

    *Sounds....scary >
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    Personally, I believe that when you die, you are just gone. No going beyond or transcending to a different plane of existence or anything like that. The only form of immortality you may have is whatever legacy's you've left behind and whatever offspring you may have produced.