What I don't like about One Plus One that not everyone is talking about

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones and Media Players' started by Drink the Bleach, Jul 25, 2014.

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    So the big draw on One Plus One is not Cyanogen mod, because Cyanogen can be installed on many phones or many different varieties, and even if One Plus One is THE cyanogen phone is still plagued with bugs you'd expect from latest Cyanogen versions compatible for other devices. So I keep focusing on it's great deal not in terms of software, but in hardware. And its a hell of a bargain. You're getting great specs, large screen real estate, and generous storage for $350, at the sacrifice of some material qualities that may be too subtle to notice.

    The problem, or my problem is the device is going to be in such short supply around this launch window, that you're only able to purchase one with an "invite" or on eBay, or a $50 invite on ebay. If you already have invite, great. Get your bargain. If not, then the price is jacked up considerably. This bargain phone of $350, is likely going to be taxed, and depending on where you live thats $380. Still a great deal, but if you don't have an invite and are expected to have an invite, just to be privileged to buy a One Plus One, then be prepared to push that scarcity tax of $50-$60, so without an invite, you could be looking to purchase one at $430-$450 depending on your situation, and won't likely find just the One Plus One phone on eBay for less than $450.

    So you could be spending an extra $100 in taxes and just the ability to buy the phone, so $100 of your dollars is going towards nothing. So why not just buy a Nexus 5, or Galaxy S4? Nexus 5 32GB are going for $380 NEW during flash sales and most cases are untaxed on eBay, and default 4.4Kitkat support from google or Samsung is a hell of alot better that optional Cyanogen mod and more stable to boot, and an S4 can come with extra sensors or features not present in a Nexus 5, including gimmicks, removable battery and SD card slot, and still cost you no more than $400-$420, not taxed, if you find one on sale on ebay.

    So unless you're one of the rare people that can get a One Plus One for $380 or less, why the hell would you even want that $350 budget phone if you might be paying a price that rivals the phones the One Plus One is trying to undercut? Just wondering what else the appeal of the phone could be when I'm seeing it being sold for than $100 its worth. When instead you could get better devices for cheaper or same price.
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