What downloader (accelarator) should I use....

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    Here's the situation: I downloaded Internet Download Manager (IDM, i really like this downloader because you can add the sites logins, such as rapid-share and download files from text documents) from a site that had a keygen in it because u have to buy the software... I installed it and used the keygen... everything good for 15 minutes.... but then the downloader says that an incorrect activation key was putted, so I inserted the key again but nothing.... I could do nothing more than reinstall the downloader.... I did so but this message still keeps poping up.... Can please someone tell me how to fix this??? Or maube another good downloader that can save sites log-ins and add files to the download list form txt files........
  2. Edgedancer

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    I use IDM and I have no issues. Try downloading it from a different source.
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    I use Flashget for my rapidshare, its ok and you can use it for torrents too. Its probably not the best out there but its free so no need for activation hun.

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