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The Pirate Lord
Nov 6, 2002

Warhawk is a Multiplayer only game developed by Incognito, creators of Twisted Metal Black.
The brand started as a PSOne game (currently available on PSN). The game was originally designed to provide a single player story, but in the end Sony decided to focus only on the Multiplayer aspect.
Even without a single player campaign, the game story puts YOU on the shoes of a brave soldier.

This is truly the BEST multiplayer title on the console right now, but sadly one of its faults is the the steep learning curve, get the game, log in and that is it, you are getting killed on the very first movements you make. Hop on a Warhawk and see how much you can last (10 to 30 seconds on a populated map).
Off course, not only that, since there is an option to actually download the game straight from PSN, you can actually enter the battlefield without even reading a line on the controls.
The game offers pop up hints on screen, but I found it ridiculous on an online title.

Well, this is where this guide kicks in. My goal is to provide the minimum for you to read, and face the world. The only drawback?, my schedule. I'm a little busy right now, and just like the the PS3 official , and the , Good Looking Upcoming Games of 2008 threads, I'm gonna be updating this one up little by little.

Expect screens and info soon!, so come back regularly!

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