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    Hi. So I recently got the Homebrew Channel on my Wii U's Wii menu. However I noticed the second i boot up HBC the screen resolution reverts back to standard definition. The same goes for whenever I boot up a game through the HBC. Ive heard of a temporary fix for the matter that has to be booted up each time you turn on the system but i was wondering if anyone has found a permanent fix for this yet.
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    This is due to certain channels having a 4 character identifier that signals to the Wii U that the channel should run in 4:3 for the purpose of Virtual Console emulation. The old Homebrew Channel unfortunately triggers this mode.

    There are many 16:9 Forwarders which can be installed on the vWii menu to take care of this issue. Please take a look at my stickied Definitive vWii Hacking Guide under the sections on channel Forwarders. :)
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